芋头的一生,辣椒…是送的The life of taro…and pepper is today’s treat丨Liziqi Channel

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When I was little, grandpa taught me a rather puzzling jingle: “Sweet potato and taro are surnamed Zhang, better roasted than boiled for long.” Even today I still haven’t figured out why on earth they had anything to do with the surname Zhang, but I love them anyway! At the beginning of the year, several rows of taro were planted at the gate of the front yard, and water yam at the back door. Now it’s just the time to feast on them. Taro with chicken stew, roasted taro, eggs with taro balls in brown sugar…And you? How do you like your taro best?

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whoever is reading this comment may his her parents live long for 100 years ameen ..
Pallavi's Passion
Pallavi's Passion 8 分钟 前
❤️ from India
Джонни 11 分钟 前
Невероятно шикарная девушка!)
Okasha khan
Okasha khan 38 分钟 前
Oh no
Safiunnisa Unnisa
Safiunnisa Unnisa 38 分钟 前
You are the most hardworking human on this planet and I think that this should be mentioned in the Guinness Book of world record
Okasha khan
Okasha khan 38 分钟 前
Ruqayyah Nadhmi
Ruqayyah Nadhmi 小时 前
gn c
gn c 小时 前
就想知道你是怎么上传的视频 在中国国内 不是CNpost 禁止使用嘛?
Fang Xiao
Fang Xiao 小时 前
Major TOM 123
Major TOM 123 小时 前
I smell the sweet and beautiful flowers through this video,can anybody tell me why
Haroun Haroun
Haroun Haroun 小时 前
You make me love végétales more .. Thanks liziq
Mohammed Atif Ali
Mohammed Atif Ali 小时 前
Y don't she make a peek inside her home ?! I mean.. a shoot of of her full house
Dmitriy Uoner
Dmitriy Uoner 小时 前
From Russia with love!!! Beautiful!!!
رفال الرحيلي
رفال الرحيلي 2 小时 前
Thank you for the clips you downloaded, I literally go with my comfort of soul. Thank you creative and you are my best CNpost 😘 🤍
Vlogz of PURE
Vlogz of PURE 2 小时 前
Wonderful Your Videos ..
S L Ganavi
S L Ganavi 2 小时 前
Hi in your home how much members are there
كارهة كل شي
كارهة كل شي 2 小时 前
My wish is to live in this place where there are neither wars nor stupid society, but without work
C2N-NH NH3-C2N-O PTC Replace to ill
C2N-NH NH3-C2N-O PTC Replace to ill 2 小时 前
Real man are not dating they have mind for that maam
O&M Chanel
O&M Chanel 2 小时 前
koksiang chia
koksiang chia 2 小时 前
Better than mukbang eater
mulizar izar
mulizar izar 2 小时 前
Sudipta Sani
Sudipta Sani 3 小时 前
Archana Neog
Archana Neog 3 小时 前
Where is Liziqi...😔 No videos for a long time.
Lidia Lidia
Lidia Lidia 3 小时 前
Baik lah
Robert Wakefield
Robert Wakefield 3 小时 前
She is such an amazing gifted woman, if I weren't married and a few years younger I'd ask her to marry me.
Nunu Kire
Nunu Kire 3 小时 前
I miss her, she hasnt uploaded in a while i hope she is okay
Sumit Debnath
Sumit Debnath 3 小时 前
your work is soo inspiring ,in the world full of stress you make me see the purpose of life thank you ☺️❤️
Pavithraa Krishnan
Pavithraa Krishnan 3 小时 前
Hey Liziki still I'm waiting for your next video 😭 please post quickly 🙏👍
Tuấn Vlog
Tuấn Vlog 3 小时 前
Có ai việt nam xem video này không ta.
Swapnali Shelar
Swapnali Shelar 3 小时 前
Pls upload new video mam We are waiting
sarina na
sarina na 3 小时 前
Hayy kak li sehat terus yaa salam dari indonesia aku suka degan semua vidio kak ☺❤❤
Maravilloso me encanta este canal...😀
Thilini Liyanage
Thilini Liyanage 3 小时 前
Love from Sri Lanka ❤
kim miso
kim miso 3 小时 前
حقا انت رائع هاد المكان متل الجنة انت منحتيه الحياة
Yulia Delviani
Yulia Delviani 3 小时 前
Salam dari Indonesia..
CookLa 4 小时 前
Chandrashekhar Bolla
Chandrashekhar Bolla 4 小时 前
I want to give like for all comments while reading comments but time is not enough
Rajeshwari K N
Rajeshwari K N 4 小时 前
Your shots are just like taken from heaven
Sencho Ezung
Sencho Ezung 5 小时 前
Beautiful girls and amazing talented I just like the way you are god blesse you
Alek Boo
Alek Boo 5 小时 前
Wonderful! 🙏🙏🙏
Cortez Huan
Cortez Huan 5 小时 前
小心被当局逮住。 工作一结束手机就销毁。
ervz pogi
ervz pogi 5 小时 前
MKBK 5 小时 前
Man ki lamha
Man ki lamha 5 小时 前
sara sanley
sara sanley 6 小时 前
خیلی عالی لذت بخش😘🥰😍🥰🎉😍😍
穆斯林男子 6 小时 前
I love your lifestyle It's so pure and clean and comfortable I have been planning on moving away to countryside and having such life for a long time hopefully as soon as the roads open I will go
Oughnime Youssef
Oughnime Youssef 6 小时 前
Liked your content. Greetings to you from Morocco😘😘
Real Joan
Real Joan 6 小时 前
Please adopt me now😌
Dilara Turan
Dilara Turan 6 小时 前
I follow your videos closely. And I love you so much. Greetings from Turkey
Keigo De jesus
Keigo De jesus 6 小时 前
Can you more uplouding video now beacause my mom loves your content and but i hope you get more likes
缘来无情 6 小时 前
oHipólito 6 小时 前
Literally for the past year, liziqi has been my favourite thing to watch on CNpost, I'm always checking in on her channel hoping for new videos ❤️
Erzsebeth Lisi
Erzsebeth Lisi 6 小时 前
Dear Li Ziqi....new video is coming soon....????? Please....🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
請訂閱我頻道謝謝 6 小时 前
Hone Ling
Hone Ling 7 小时 前
Please, invite me to your dinner once in a lifetime ☺️❤️
Zemy Avellino
Zemy Avellino 7 小时 前
she has the life i always wanted
اللهم اني استودعك زوجي وابنتي
اللهم اني استودعك زوجي وابنتي 7 小时 前
ارجوكي اعطينا وصفات طبخ بالعربية وطرق نتعلم بيها بالعربية وشكرا على هذا الفديو الرائع
اللهم اني استودعك زوجي وابنتي
اللهم اني استودعك زوجي وابنتي 7 小时 前
احب ان اعيش هكذا ياالله كم هو جميل ورائع 😍❤
shanejen aguilar
shanejen aguilar 7 小时 前
So many adds😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
qiuyue hao
qiuyue hao 7 小时 前
0.25x speed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
0.25x speed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
นิดหน่อย เมาดี
นิดหน่อย เมาดี 8 小时 前
Wow good. good. good. good
Swathi Arasavelli
Swathi Arasavelli 8 小时 前
My mouth watering😋
Novita 8 小时 前
I feel so peaces
Kyoshiroanthonybon Desoloc
Kyoshiroanthonybon Desoloc 8 小时 前
Crush ko talaga to Ganda na nga tas masipag PA kahit 14 years old Lang ako Kaya kong alagaan ang babaeng mahal ko age doesn't mater ✌️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yusuff _
Yusuff _ 8 小时 前
Ada penonton dari Indonesia kahh?
pawpaw 8 小时 前
Po xuân Lý
Po xuân Lý 8 小时 前
Bình yên quá 😊😊
Yalancı Bahar
Yalancı Bahar 9 小时 前
♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Cuisine Of Sri Lanka
Cuisine Of Sri Lanka 9 小时 前
Any daily You Tube video uploaders like me? (But no more views like this) 😩
lilstep noel
lilstep noel 9 小时 前
I love the way she ferments so many different types of foods.
H. lìy
H. lìy 9 小时 前
Dede Sukasmi
Dede Sukasmi 10 小时 前
Liziqi,,,,lama banget vidionya gk muncul muncul, sampek kangen banget ini. 😍
Gudiya Ansari
Gudiya Ansari 10 小时 前
Multi talented girl (Liziqi)
Phan Nguyên TV
Phan Nguyên TV 10 小时 前
Amazing gut chop Liziqi
Agustin aulia
Agustin aulia 11 小时 前
MY SЕХ LOVE--->> tinyurl.com/flirtymysabrina I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli,bnmk
Reshma Reshma
Reshma Reshma 11 小时 前
You are incredible
Aaru SK
Aaru SK 11 小时 前
I like your videos but killing innocent pet animal for food make me feel bad
Mly GL
Mly GL 11 小时 前
I love gardening so much. Hope one day I have my own garden site.
Saumya Verma
Saumya Verma 12 小时 前
Please upload the life of mushroom(mógū)🙏🙏
尉宏亿 12 小时 前
life is beautiful
Nhật Nhật
Nhật Nhật 13 小时 前
Giỏi thật sự ấy😍❤
Rinia Choi
Rinia Choi 13 小时 前
I have watched all ur video, omgg I love ur life!
julie vega
julie vega 13 小时 前
You should do something with mushrooms
Judith Reynolds
Judith Reynolds 13 小时 前
Would be nice to know the ingredients..... was that alcohol on the top of peppers?
Ane wolf
Ane wolf 13 小时 前
How I wish, there should be an English translation of all the videos posted. You are amazing. Thank you for your shared talent. Blessings!
Đức Nguyễn
Đức Nguyễn 14 小时 前
You are the dream of many people, you are like a princess coming out of a fairy tale .. but unfortunately you can't have me ..
Lakamthoti Ravi teja
Lakamthoti Ravi teja 14 小时 前
She never asks the viewers to subscribe her channel....
Raquel Reid
Raquel Reid 14 小时 前
Watching her reminds me of my own grandma who farms and live in Jamaica and of how age would do everything by herself and only allowing us grandkids to help with the farm animals.
kamila aulia rahman
kamila aulia rahman 14 小时 前
Oi itu kladi we kok di gituin
Riri Ajah
Riri Ajah 14 小时 前
Gila keren bgt apa" dilakuin sendiri ❤
Sabirah Basisto
Sabirah Basisto 14 小时 前
I just noticed that you have queen of the night flower
Avi & Samson
Avi & Samson 14 小时 前
I’m here for you but you put way too much ads
julia fun
julia fun 15 小时 前
Liangqiong Qu
Liangqiong Qu 15 小时 前
好吧 我看一生系列的视频看腻了,好多重复的,还是以前的短视频好看
Dany Anza putra
Dany Anza putra 15 小时 前
very motivated
Serega Da
Serega Da 15 小时 前
Excellent! I like!
Michelle 15 小时 前
DJN cuisine
DJN cuisine 15 小时 前
i just started my youtube channel, who else does or looking to start soon?
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